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Drupal-Austria Vienna Meetup October 2015

This time we join our friends from PHP Vienna:

Please rsvp there!

---------- General Info ---------- 

Das Drupal Austria Meetup richtet sich an alle Interessierte am freien Content Management System Drupal. Egal ob AnfängerIn oder Drupal Ninja, alle sind herzlich willkommen! JedeR ist eingeladen, eine Präsentation zu einem Drupal-Thema zu halten, sei es ein aktuelles Projekt oder ein interessantes Modul. 

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Drupal-Austria Vienna "DrinkUp"­ August 2015

It is summer, it is hot and we are lazy.

No talks have been submitted, so we just meet and drink some beer (or a soda).

We meet already at 6 pm, get some drinks and crash the first ReactJS meetup at 7 pm.

Sounds like a good idea? Yes we think so! 

------------------ General Info --------------------

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DrupalCamp Vienna 2015 - Connecting Open Minds


DrupalCamp is sold out...

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DrupalCamp CS is 3day event for fans and professionals of Drupal and web technologies. We are bringing 3 days of sprints, 1 day of sessions and 1 day of trainings for 200 people.

DrupalCampCS is a moving event of Czech ans Slovak Drupal communities. This year is being held in Bratislava, Slovakia and takes place on 5-7 June, 2015. DrupalCampCS is the event for everyone interested in Drupal. 

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DrupalCamp Vienna Organisation Workshop June

Instead of the regular Drupal Meetup in June we host a DrupalCamp Vienna Organisation sprint.

DrupalCamp Vienna is an international 3-day event later this year (Nov, 27-29):

We plan to work on:
- the website
- schedule and keynote speaker invitations
- marketing and reaching out (e.g. prepare press releases, handouts, flyers)
- other organisational tasks

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Planungs-Meetup DrupalCamp Vienna 2015


  • Website einpflegen
  • Venue - eventuelle Besichtigung
  • Catering: Wir haben erstes Angebot.


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Drupal Developer Days Montpellier 2015

The Drupal Developer Days, also known as the DDD, are a european non-profit event organized by the Drupal community, for the Drupal community.

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Drupal Austria Meetup Vienna April 2015

-------------- About -------------

The Drupal Austria Meetup is dedicated to people interested in the Content Management System Drupal. We welcome everybody from beginners to Drupal ninjas and would be happy to see you present a recent project of yours or talk about any other Drupal-related topic.

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