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Relaunching on Drupal 8

WWF Schweiz
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getunik ag

Exciting storytelling and improved content strategy

A joint project by getunik ag & acolono GmbH for the client WWF Switzerland.

Background of the project

WWF's mission is to stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.


To achieve this goal it is important to have an inspiring and convincing website that educates about environmental topics, shows all the various WWF projects and actions, tells success stories and informs about how people can help., the main website of WWF Switzerland, was not fulfilling this goal any more. There was a lot of content but it has grown organically without system and structure.


Our website was very sober. Much information, little emotion, almost like a Wikipedia page. Without emotions, it is difficult to inspire our supporters and build a lasting bond with them. But that was exactly our goal. says Gregor Nilsson, then Chief Digital Officer of WWF Switzerland, today CEO of getunik.


So getunik has been engaged to relaunch the website and created a new content strategy and a compelling design. acolono GmbH helped to launch the project in 2017, was responsible for some features like the search implementation and is supporting the WWF since then.

Targets of the project

Redesign the site and improve the content structure

Stefan Schefer, responsible for the project at getunik, recalls:

This website was a bit of a wild animal. We first had to find out where and how we had to tackle it. When designing, we were often faced with the question: what is at the beginning: the chicken or the egg? The visual concept or the content?

Satisfy stakeholders

WWF Switzerland has many stakeholders with different needs as far as the website is concerned. getunik had to find a way to cover all of them without losing sight of the essentials.

Gain the trust of the visitor

Like most NGOs, the WWF relies on donations. So one of the main goals was always to gain the trust (and the donation) of the visitor with the new website.

Exciting storytelling

With beautiful, sometimes moving pictures and exciting storytelling, visitors should be encouraged to immerse themselves in an article or topic.

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