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Drupal-Austria X-Mas Party

Special Meetup will be at the Cocktail-Bar Downstairs.

------------- Agenda -------------  

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A joined meetup incl. meetup groups: viennaPHP, IoT Vienna, SilverStripes, ViennaDB, Android Heads, node.js, AngularJS, Drupal Austria & more.

Please do not join this event — instead read the instructions on how to join the dedicated xmas party groups!

Just as last year, we're having a christmas gathering. This year the event is split into two parts:

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Drupalcamp Berlin 2014 - "Drupal City 2014"

Drupal City 2014 will be the second DrupalCamp in Berlin.
The event is organised by members of the Berlin Drupal Usergroup and will take place on November 15 and 16, 2014.
Our location is "betahaus" a popular and famous co-working space in Berlin-Kreuzberg.


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DrupalCon Barcelona 2015

It’s time for a DrupalCon unlike any other. Come enjoy the final days of summer with us in the sunny, vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain, at a DrupalCon to remember.

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Drupal-Austria Vienna Wuzzleup September 2014 Event:

3 special things: 1. It's on a Thursday, 2. We start on 18:00, 3. One hour talk time followed by a "Wuzzler-Tunier"!

The September Drupal-Austria meetup is hosted and sponsered (drinks) by:

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Drupal 8 Starter Day

Ein Event im Rahmen der #codeweekEU mit dem Ziel, Jugendlichen, Lehrenden und interessierten Personen mittels eines kostenlosen Workshops einen perfekten Einstieg in das frei verfügbare Open-Source Content Management System Drupal 8 anzubieten und so den Entwicklungsstandort Wien zu fördern.


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Thumbnail Website Sprint (Design + Content + UI)

Nearly two years ago we started to work on a new Drupal Austria website.

Some outlines:…

And our interal Open Atrium site:
(if you have not already access to it you can register here:

We had 3 website sprints in 2012 where we brainstormed and discussed a lot. But since then there was no progress anymore.

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