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Drupal Austria Remote Drinkup April 2021

Event date

Meeting video link:

Have an interest in Drupal, whether its years of development or just a passing curiosity?: Join our online DrinkUp!

Join members of the Drupal Austria community in a casual, communal online drinking session with a fun, light-hearted group of developers.

Enjoy drinking or watching people gradually getting tipsy? Or just want ask a few questions about module development or project deployment?

Our community is open, welcoming and friendly, so point your camera, raise a glass and drink to Drupal on April 16th, any time starting from 18:30

What to expect: Plenty of Drupal talk, roasting it and loving it in equal measure, some Q&As
Do not expect: any order as the alcohol gradually kicks in.

PS. Bonus points for silly hats, drinking not required"


Spontaneous lightning talks, depending on group interest on the night (curse of the live demo).

If you would like to hold a lightning talk, please contact us or simply add the details in a comment below.

General Info

Das Drupal Austria Meetup richtet sich an alle Interessierten am freien Content Management System Drupal. Egal ob AnfängerIn oder Drupal Ninja, alle sind herzlich willkommen! JedeR ist eingeladen, eine Präsentation zu einem Drupal-Thema zu halten, sei es ein aktuelles Projekt oder ein interessantes Modul. The Drupal Austria Meetup is dedicated to people interested in the Content Management System Drupal. We welcome everybody from beginners to Drupal ninjas and would be happy to see you present a recent project of yours or talk about any other Drupal-related topic. And of course we have to celebrate!