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Drupal Austria Meetup October 2020

Event date

Meetup Notes

These are the notes that I took during the meetup. There are no garuntees that everything is correct, or that context is provided. But I hope it helps people.


Breakout rooms

Topics from Breakout rooms

  • Next Topic: consent manager

    • Liveramp:

      • Acolono says it can be hard to integrate when you have a lot of external js provider

      • Integrates with Google Tag Manager well.

      • Ads without consent - verified no tracking.

    • Usercentrics


    • Homecorner


    • Acolono

      • Currently working an a Drupal module for - Consent Management Tool. Will require js.

      • Drupal module, that has some consent management functionality without relying on a saas provider: 

      • Maybe a Drupal Core API/hook/module for consent management would make sense. It might be good to have a way to register and enable/disable specific libraries/js on the fly. Also an open database for third party providers including their origin, company and background information would be awesome.

    • Klaus Purer

      • CMP's are slowing down site performance. Compared a dev environment w/out CMP to prod and about a 30 point difference.

  • Next Topic: Webforms (Antje)

    • WYSIWYG Editor for the admin pages. Difficult to use the UI.

    • Validation is not done natively by Drupal...

    • Nico had a good story. Open a Webform in one browser (tab) and open the same form in a second browser (tab) and then add data with the 2nd one. Wait for auto-save to run and then close the current tab. Then wait and close the form in the first browser (tab). The auto-save will use the browser tab which is closed last. Thus it overwrites data submitted.

  • Last Topic: updating Drupal 7 to 9

    • What is the status of ?

      • Stage 1 is stable.

    • Pritam from : Some modules are not Drupal 9 compatible. Waiting on that, so still doing migrations from 7 to 8 for the moment.

    • Github & dependabot

  • - SAAS platform

  • Next Drupal-Austria Virtual Meetup: November 11, 2020