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Vergangene Veranstaltungen

Drupal Austria Remote Drinkup March 2021


***Drupal Remote DrinkUp***

To everyone who is interested in Drupal: Join our online DrinkUp!
Enjoy drinking or watching people gradually getting tipsy?
Have an interest in Drupal, whether its years of development or just a passing curiosity?

Join members of the Drupal Austria community in a casual, communal online drinking session.

What to expect: Plenty of Drupal talk, roasting it and loving it in equal measure!
Do not expect: words to make sense as the alcohol kicks in.

PS. Bonus points for silly hats, drinking not required"

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2. Drupal DACH Online Meetup

Am Donnerstag 04.März.2021 ab 19:00 Uhr findet das nächste gemeinsame Drupal DACH Meetup Online statt.
Fakten: Deutschsprachig, kostenlos, Full-Talks, multiple Lightning Talks, Q&A und Breakout Rooms für direkte Unterhaltung.

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Erstes Drupal DACH Online Meetup

Am Donnerstag 04.02.2021 ab 19:00 Uhr findet das erste gemeinsame Drupal DACH Meetup Online statt.

Fakten: Deutschsprachig, kostenlos, eine Haupt-Präsentation (Graph-Visualisierung der Informationsarchitektur und Relevanzdaten einer Website), multiple Lightning Talks, Q&A und Breakout Rooms für direkte Unterhaltung.


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Drupal Austria Meetup Nov. 2020 / Lean Coffee (virtual event)

Lean Coffee - how does that work?

1. Kanban board
2. Participants put topics
3. Vote
4. Start discussing the topic with the highest number of votes
5. Timebox -> vote if discussion should continue or next topic
go back to #4 and repeat

Let's keep experimenting and learning! We're looking forward to seing you on Wednesday!
Link for participation will be provided soon
Learn more about lean coffee:

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Drupal Austria Meetup October 2020

Drupal Remote DrinkUp Exchange

Let's try to translate our beloved DrinkUps to a remote format. DrinkUp and let the group help you solve your challenges:


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DrupalCon Barcelona 2020

It’s time for a DrupalCon unlike any other. Come enjoy the final days of summer with us in the sunny, vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain, at a DrupalCon to remember.

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Drupal Meetup June 2020 / Drupal 9 Release Party (Online Event)

Lets celebrate the release of Drupal 9!

Join us on June 3rd for the Drupal Austria Online Meetup (Video conference).

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Postponed: Meetup April 2020 - Agile Learnings and Holacracy

This Drupal Meetup will be about:
Agile! Agile! Agile!

Join us on April 8th for the Drupal Austria Meetup at Cloudflight Vienna.
Doors open at 18:30, presentations will start at 19:00. Remote participation possible via zoom (link will be provided on April 8th).

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CMS Community X-mas Meetup

Join us on Dec 11th for the CMS Community X-mas Meetup.

This is a special Meetup where we (Drupal Austria) join forces with NEOS CMS and Joomla. We will have also punch, mulled wine and chestnuts.

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Special Drupal Summer Meetup, together with Neos CMS, WordPress, Typo3 & Joomla!

After a shared Christmas Party last year it’s time for the first CMS (Content Management Summer) event. Folks from the Neos, Wordpress, Typo3, Joomla! and of course, Drupal Community will come together for socializing. 

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