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DrupalCamp Vienna 2015 - Connecting Open Minds

Drupal experts meet newcomers and people from related web technology areas at this 3-day DrupalCamp from November 27-29, 2015.

40 sessions4 tracks and up to 400 attendees from over 20 countries.

At this years DrupalCamp we’re going to have a PHP Day featuring a track full of PHP and other web development content. Why? Because we believe in “Connecting Open Minds” and as such we feel it’s our liability to provide talks and workshops beyond Drupal. The track is not only going to be about PHP, the language Drupal is written in, but also about modern web development techniques, frameworks and trends.


DrupalCamp Vienna 2015


DrupalCamp Vienna 2015 aims to provide a great experience for our 400 estimated attendees. This wouldn't be possible without the financial and material support from the community.

Diamond sponsor: Wunderkraut
Venue provider: FH Technikum Wien
Gold sponsors: anexia, drunomics, previon,, zensations

.. and many more:

This event is organized by DRUPAL AUSTRIA.

Please register and get your ticket here: